Qualified Artificial Sand Is Not Only Crushed by Stone

River sand resource is becoming less and less, so people begin to find new sand source from artificial sand. Meantime, artificial sand has lots of advantages that natural sand does not have. Artificial sand process is not an easy thing. Qualified artificial sand is processed by different standard equipments. It always has strict requirements about the outside coarseness and circularity. Unqualified artificial sand usually can not reach these standards. More seriously, it affects construction cost and building concrete quality.

Usually, aritificial sand process has the following technological flow: simple screening flow, classifying flow, and finess modulus adjustment.

Hongxing sand making machine is our patent products developed for abrasive materials, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, cements, pottery and porcelain and chemical industries. It is the up-to-date equipments in 1990s on medium and fine crushing by rock crusher, which applies to various materials, such as: Corundum, Carborundum, all kinds of smelting ores, building gravel, machine-made sand, cement material, and all of rigid and fragile material.

Materials are added in the cavity from the top of machine evenly; the materials are divided into central flow and scattered flow by sort set and overflow adjustment valve (fill valve); fill valve may adjust runoff ratio between central flow and scattered flow; the materials entered into turntable through central feed gate are thrown out from three even interval channels and impinge against the scattered flow at the speed of 50-80m/s when the materials are in the revolving rapidly turntable;

When crushing, the materials crack along the natural plane of weakness and crush and then break on the vortex layer of crushing cavity together; form raising vortex through repeat striking; crush with jet flow again; mill-crush-mill. until lose its energy and fall from gravel chamber.The artificial sand produced by Hongxing sand maker greatly eases the gravel shortage situation; eases the ecological environment issue brought by the over-exploitation of river sand; and eases the construction waste problem brought by urban transformation and old houses demolition. At present, because of the shortage of natural sand, the artificial sand plays an increasingly important role in modern society. Especially at the situation that many cities halt the mining of river sand, the artificial sand has a much broader developing space. We all know that in China most of the cities are engaged in the transportation infrastructure and urban renovation project, which needs a lot of sand and gravel supply to meet the requirement of project.

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