Two Heating Methods of the Drying Machine Comparation

As the professional drying machines manufacturer and supplier, Henan Hongxing Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is able to provide professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service. Today. we would like to share two heating methods of the drying machine.

Cocurrent dryer’s combustion chamber and wet material feed in the same end, and heat flow and material movement direction is consistent. Wet material moves from the feed end to the discharge end, hot air also from the feed end flows out to the discharge end with the blower and induced draft fan, wet material and is drying with heating air in the flow process.Counter-current drum dryer, it is wet material from the feed end into the dryer, combustion chamber in the discharge end, materials and drying medium (hot air) do reverse direction, and the material is drying in the process.As far as possible you may as well to visit professional slime drying machine and ball mill manufacturers and entities. If necessary, you can bring your own raw material and require coal ash dryer manufacturers show you on-site commissioning. You are suggested carefully observe the manufacturer”s machine productive capacity and see if its calcination equipment dryer can dry your slimed material to the ideal level. Buyers should carefully consult the regular slime drying machine, cone crusher expert manufacturers, and requested them provide you with the most professional slime drying machine knowledge and operate common sense.

The material has met high temperature air when it goes into the dryer, the driving force is larger in the initial, and as the material temperature rising, the drying medium temperature reduces. It is suitable for the material which final moisture content request is not high. And the finished material is easy to transport, while there are much dust for the fine material are vulnerable to flow away. The counter-current drying has uniform drying driving force and suitable for the strict requirements for finished material. When the drying medium with dust comes across the wet material area and the dust is filtered. So the air flow has little dust. The two drying methods both have advantages and disadvantages, and the choose is decided by the material.

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