Oriflame opportunity

Did you see Oriflame catalogue? Every 4 weeks a new product Catalogue comes out. Show Catalogues to your friends,family, neighbours,colleagues and people they know. and earn up to 35% on all orders you take. A personal and stress-free way to shop.

Have you ever sold any cosmetics? Selling Oriflame cosmetics is easy.I can sure you! Anyone can become an Oriflame Beauty Consultant – no prior sales experience is necessary. We have people in the business from all backgrounds and professions. All of us started in exactly the same way, with the same opportunity as you have right now – the only difference is that you have the advantage of being able to learn from our successes and mistakes!

You will have the opportunity to win foreign holidays attend company conferences and drive a fully financed company car or receive a car allowance What you put into your business is what you receive (unlike a 9 to 5 job) oriflame cosmetics, cosmetic, Swedish, business, make money, job opportunity, jobs, start a business, home party, make-up, Avon, virgin, vie, Mary Kay, makeup, sponsor, career, sales consultant, Oriflame consultant, networking If you enjoy talking to people, learning about skincare and cosmetics, making money and having fun, Oriflame is the business for you.

Try to build your own team – By inviting others to join. Earn on your team sales and receive many other rewards as you grow. Commission starts from a team as small as five people and as you progress you will achieve bonuses and higher commission percentages – your time and effort are all that determine your success! you”ll qualify for trips to exotic destinations and many other rewards. Sell to customers or build a sales team – or do both!

With Oriflame you can find your way of being in business. Door to Door – A simple and effective selling method designed to grow you a group of ordering customers in your local area. Do you have 8 or more hours a week? If so this could be the way for you! Full training and support pack available.

Oriflame provides the world with natural cosmet. Do you like products, people and earning money?
Then Parties could be the perfect choice for you.
An excellent way of increasing your business, giving you new contacts and building your earning potential.We will provide free training in how to demonstrate and sell Oriflame products to a group of your friends or family – allowing you to earn even more with our *free Demonstration Kits. Throw a party, and earn some money.


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