A New Poem Is Composed by Hongxing Raymond Grinder

With the technical expansion of Raymond mill, technical cooperation with the foreign will be further strengthened. Domestic scientific research, technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection will be paid more attention. And the research culture also will be more concentrated. In the 20th century, our country mining machinery engineering obtained great development, Before the reform and opening up , we mainly rely on self-reliance and independent development to research domestic equipment; After the reform and opening up, we combined the rule of‘introduction, digestion, absorption” with independent research to develop mining equipment, which has made great achievements. In the 21st century,As the advent of era of knowledge economy, one of the basic characteristics of the era of knowledge economy is the advent of the era of information technology.

As a large mill production enterprises in China, over the years, the industry has always put product technology development in the outstanding position, work around the rule of “enhance the level of product technology and improve the quality of the products” .Every time of the update of Raymond mill , Henan Hongxing heavy industry were always in the top in the domestic industry, vigorously promoting China”s mill technology and ensuring the leading position of the Henan Hongxing heavy industry in the market. it also has driven the sustainable, rapid, healthy and effective development of the enterprise . Henan Hongxing heavy machinery Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of milling equipment, as well as a manufacturer of producing good-quality jaw crusher and cone crusher and some other equipment.

Our Raymond mill equipment have various of types and specifications, at the same time, we also can provide a full range of processing equipment with good product quality and excellent technical support. the user can choose the right equipment model and specifications according to their needs , All the people of Henan Hongxing warmly welcome the men of insight to visit company and establish cooperation relationship with us.

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