Energy Conservation Is the Inner Strength of Machinery Sector

Compared with traditional crusher, the swing amplitude is large and the rotation speed is high, so the yield is large and the energy consumption is low. The new generation of cone crusher replaces the traditional ball bearing with the copper sleeve, so the failure rate is low and the service life is long. For a long time, the impression mining industry gives us is: dirty, disorderly and poor, dust flying. Energy conservation and environmental protection seems to have no relationship with crusher. However, after careful analysis of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, crusher industry also can do a lot in energy conservation and emissions reduction. crusher industry is developing diligently toward the direction of improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and protecting the environment, which makes the traditional image of mining industry changed greatly. it will also get the favour of the market.

Therefore, vigorously developing new, energy conservation and environmental protection crusher has be the priority of the market. The development trend of current market is that the crusher production has been saturated, and the development of energy conservation and environmental protection crusher market is a “blue ocean”. Henan Hongxing, tightly grasped opportunities, and played an important positive effect to the enterprise itself and the future development of the industry.

At the same time, we have ally powerful manufacturers of vibrating transmission equipment and magnetic separation equipment to manufacture the vibrating transmit equipments and magnetic equipment assembled with the crusher. With the rapid development of China”s industry and rapid rise of mining enterprises , a large number of mining equipment machinery factory also emerged, bringing great influence on economic development as well as a huge impact on the environment. In order to alleviate environmental damage, the state began to advocate the low carbon economy, energy conservation and emissions reduction. Henan Hongxing, complying with the nation policy, has developed the Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Impact Crusher and some other new crushing equipment to meet the needs of environmental protection and the needs of customers.

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