Environmental Sand Maker Is the New Darling of Machinery Industry

In order to avoid low-quality sand mixed in the sand and stone due to the increase of the demand of sand and stone, the government puts forward strict quality requirement on the standard of the building-use sand and imposes relevant requirements on the mechanical machines in the sand making production line, such as the improvement of the production technology and the guarantee of the production quality. With the investment of high-speed railway and highway, affordable housing and infrastructure increasing, the market of sand is becoming big and the quality requirement is more and more high. Affected by excessive coyoting phenomenon, qualified natural sand resources are becoming scarce, and this leads project quality, destruction of farmland and water resources problems become increasingly serious.

Artificial sand making specification will be the urgent task, and saving energy and reducing consumption, increasing production, reducing costs will then become hot point of sand making industry in the future. It is well known that natural sand and gravel are all kinds of natural rock which has gone through the geological effect of natural weathering and handling then was directly broken into a certain shape and size of sand products by sand making machine including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher etc. The sand and gravel is the most important material in building engineering.

However, due to long-term excessive mining, in some areas, natural sand has dried up or nearly.To maintain the natural landscape and protect the cultivated land and rivers and DAMS, and keep the ecological balance, various regions have launched bans on mining projects. On the other hand, countries had introduced a related good preferential policies for promoting application of sand making equipment, coupled with the speed progress of science and technology and the high equipment renewal frequency, the mechanism of sand industry gets rapid development; and efficient environmental protection equipment will become new favor in infrastructure industry and processing industry in the future.

Henan Hongxing heavy industry of construction equipment has carried on the thorough research, developing a series of sand making machine including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher etc., sand making production line and other production equipment, Hongxing has built so reasonable optimization of sand aggregate production system that it can provide with a steady and fast development in infrastructure construction.

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