Impact crusher Affects Sand Production Line


1) The Impact crusher should have large feeding throat, high crushing chamber to adapt to the high material hardness, big volume and less product powder.
2) Leave a clearance between the impact plate and the plate hammer, which makes it easy to adjust the equipment, control the feeding size effectively, and get suitable particle shape.
3) The impact crusher should be compact in structure and have strong machine rigidity, so that the rotor will have a large moment of inertia.
4) With the high chrome plate hammer, the impact crusher has great performance in impact resistance, abrasion resistance and attack force.
5) With the seamless connection, the impact crusher is economical, reliable and easy to maintain. 6) The impact crusher has full crushing function, high productivity, small parts abrasion, and high comprehensive benefits.
Ceramsite production process:
Product ceramsite generally using the production process of raw material homogenization, granulation, baking, cooling.
According to the type and characteristics of raw materials, Its granulating process can be divided into the following kinds:
1. Plastic method technology: Suitable for clay and clayey material. Its process: Clay – plasticizing, smoothing of roller and granulating – roasting – cooling – finished products.
2. Mud into the ball process: Suitable for fly ash or other powder raw materials. Its process: Fly ash – mixed smoothing – into balls set granulating – roasting – cooling – finished products.
3. Powder grinding ball process: Suitable for shale, clay shale and gangue materials. Its process: Shale, drying, grinding, prewetting – into a ball dish granulating – roasting – cooling – finished product, the additive agent.
4. Broken (dry) process: Suitable for shale, etc. Its process: Raw materials and broken graded – roasting shale and finished product. And cooling. 5. Fuel: According to local fuel supply, using bituminous coal, crude oil or natural gas.
5. Construction ceramsite

Ore beneficiation :
Ore separating line :

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