Chinese Mill Industry Should Take the Responsibility of Times

With the in-depth development of economic globalization and the formation of the world market, many manufactures began to seize a share of the national product in this market. China is a big milling machine manufacturing power, our mill products produced by the mill industry have also been exported to many countries and occupied an important position in the international market. Mill industry, as the leading industry in machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in China, has not only promoted the development of the industry to participate in international competition, but also added a sense of responsibility.

Capital is ship and the brand is the sail, with the brand sail, the capital ship can smoothly sail. Looking back on the process of growing up, our mill equipment like Raymond Mill walked in the rain and grew up in the rough, along with the further opening up , China”s export trade is gradually prospered and mill industry is also in the eyes of the world . But with the increasingly fierce market competition, our mill industry also recognized that of low-tech, low-cost, thin profits, low-end manufacturing model won’t win in the competition. Promoting the transformation of the industry and establishing our own mill national brand is the key to win .Therefore,interpreting of China”s machinery manufacturing industry brand correctly, basing on the characteristics of the different market needs and proposing mill industry brand strategy has great significance.

Henan Hongxing ,as a professional manufacture of R&D of crushing equipment, has produced many high quality products such as Jaw Crusher and grinding ball. We have witnessed the history of the flood of mill industry. After long-term capital accumulation phase, the mill industry in China has also embarked on the road of brand development. Henan Hongxing thought heavy mill enterprises in China will step a big step forward in the international strategy, concentrating on good development, creating brand innovation, forming with the responsibility in the international market influence, our mill industry make a significant contribution to the development of the mill industry in China. And our leading product Raymond Mill is also to have a splendid future.

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