gardener Balham

Wetree surgery Balham take care of all aspects of garden maintenance, including all the services already mentionedtree surgery Balham. Together with the clients, we will decide how much time will be spent on maintaining the grounds and how often. It can vary from 2-3 hours every two weeks for smaller properties to 20 hours per week for larger grounds such as commercial and residential estatesgardener Battersea.

We will treat weeds and yard bedstree surgery Balham. We will take care of planting shrubs, plants, seeds and bulbs. Additional works include turnover soil, removing large weeds and roots. To make sure the weeds will not come back we can lay weed mesh ready for gravel or wood chipsgardener Balham. We will do all work needed to improve soil. To kill all weeds we will spray pathways and driveways with environmentally friendly weed killersgardener Balham.

We do all work and maintenance on your lawngarden maintenance Balham. Jobs include mowing (roller mower), strimming edges, reseeding, fertilising and weeding. garden maintenance BalhamWe cab do all additional job, for example scarifying and aeration, laying turf, creating new edges and borders, using bricks, stones and woodgardener Tootinggardener Battersea.

We can set up watering systemsgardener Wandsworth for pots and garden beds, which lack rainfall through the year and help save you time and guarantee that your plants are well watered during the times where you may not be at homegardener Tooting. The systems have timers fitted so you can regulate how often the plants are watered. We use the ‘Gardena’ and ‘Hoselock’ brandsfencing Balham.

We can also provide a wood logs for your fireplacefencing Balham. Our logs are 100% recycled from the tree work we carry maintenance Balham This means no trees were cut down unnecessarily. The wood is untreated and chops to manageable sizes, perfect for Chimineas, outdoor firepits and indoor/outdoor fireplace. We can also do all tree work such as crown reducing, crown thinning and pruning, crown lifting, felling, stump grinding, replantingtree surgery Balham.


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