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OFFSHORE-EXPRESS.CO.UK – Offshore Bank Accounts and anonymous debit cards. Bvi bank account Offshore banking provides the springboard from which to jump into the exciting, lucrative world of offshore investments, trading and finance. Offshore Bank Account The offshore jurisdictions in which we at Offshore Banking International operate offer state of the art technology that is safe, secure and easily accessible from anywhere in the world for all of your offshore banking needs.. Offshore Banking

OFFSHORE-EXPRESS.CO.UK – Offshore Bank Accounts and anonymous debit cards. Cyprus bank account Cyprus Offshore Company Bank Account Absolute confidentiality assured. Based in Nicosia – Cyprus. Internet banking available. Telephone and fax banking available. Visa/Mastercard debit card available. SWIFT/ IBAN available. Full multi-currency facility (Sterling / Dollars / Euros). Minimum opening deposit requirement of £2000. No minimum balance requirement. In many circumstances offshore banking is an ideal tool for protection of wealth and assets. It is a useful and efficient aid for international business financial structuring and planning.Cyprus Offshore Company Bank Account It also affords a great deal of privacy to businesses and private individuals seeking to Cyprus Offshore Company Bank Account move elements of their banking offshore. It is also possible to use an offshore account for UK limited company formation. Offshore Banking

OFFSHORE-EXPRESS.CO.UK – Offshore Bank Accounts and anonymous debit cards. Bahamas bank account Offshore Bank Accounts in Caribbean (Nevis) Use our bank introduction services to acquire an offshore bank account in an established Nevis bank. Opening a bank account in this Nevis international bank is made easy – we will provide all the company documentation needed and you will be required to Offshore Bank Accounts in Caribbean complete the paperwork we provide and submit additional due diligence documents for each Director, Shareholder, and beneficial owner and signatory. The list United States bank account is as follows: The Nevis bank account application forms duly filled and signed (we provide them). Offshore Bank Accounts in Caribbean A certified copy of the Incorporation documents (we provide them). Offshore Bank Accounts in Caribbean Verification of a permanent address (example an electricity bill or other utility bill). Identification; a picture ID such as a copy of the passport or drivers. A bank reference and a reference from lawyer or accountant. Offshore Bank Account

OFFSHORE-EXPRESS.CO.UK – Offshore Bank Accounts and anonymous debit cards. Cayman Banking Services An offshore bank is a bank located outside the country of residence of the depositor, typically in a low tax jurisdiction (or tax haven) that provides financial and legal advantages. These advantages typically include: greater privacy offshore banks (see also bank secrecy, a principle born with the 1934 Swiss Banking Act) low or no taxation (i.e. tax havens) easy access to deposits (at least in terms of regulation) protection against local, political, or financial instability While the term originates from the Channel Islands being “offshore” from the United Kingdom, and most offshore banks are located in island nations to this day, the term is used figuratively to refer to such banks regardless of location,Offshore Banking including Swiss banks and those of other landlocked nations such as Luxembourg and Andorra offshore banks. Offshore corporate bank account

OFFSHORE-EXPRESS.CO.UK – Offshore Bank Accounts and anonymous debit cards. Offshore Banking Offshore Banking in East Africa The Tanzania bank Offshore corporate bank account we deal with provides business accounts for our clients with offshore companies. Once your IBC account is opened in this Tanzania private bank, you will be provided with debit and charge chards which grant you full access to your accounts. In addition, the bank offers corporate payments systems. Online banking is the preferred method of communication, but the bank can be accessed by fax, email or telephone. The minimum required deposit to open the Tanzania Bank account is US$1,000. An account application can be done without a visit, and the following documents are required: Certified copy of all charter Offshore corporate bank account documents of the company (we provide) Completed application forms (we provide application forms) Notarized copy Offshore corporate bank account of a valid passport for each account signatory One form of documentation proving permanent Offshore corporate bank account residence (can be a recent utility bill, a credit card statement etc.) Offshore Banking


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