The Application of Rotary Dryers in the Biofuel Field

Through the constantly efforts of Hongxing experts, we have a new type rotary dryer. This new type rotary dryer can be used in the biofuel filed to drying material. Furthermore, China dryers have well adaptability, generally applied to granular and massive ore, and can also roast the cream materials with comparative high humidity and the mineral waste residue. China dryer is of many advantages of large capacity, high flexibility, and operational convenience and so on. According to the drying medium and the material flow direction,direct transfer heat rotary drum dryer divided into downstream dryer and upstream dryer .Direct transfer heat rotary drum dryer of the main part is a slightly inclined to the horizontal rotating cylinder.

Biofuel refers to the fuel in the state of solid, liquid or gas, which is composed of or extracted from biomass, it can replace the gasoline and diesel oil made of oil, and it is the significant direction of development and utilization of renewable energy. The so-called biomass means the various organism, which is made of air, water, soil through the photosynthesis, that is, the every zoetic and growable organic substance, which consist of animal and microorganism, and differs from the traditional oil, coal, nuclear and etc. New type rotary dryer can be used in the advance material drying of biofuel , the quality of material drying can directly affect the quantity of biofuel.

Our Hongxing machine has been always committed to developing the technology of mining machine. Not only we offered the excellent quality products, but also we have the best service. We have rotary dryer, sand rotary dryer, slag dryer, rotary drum dryer, and sand dryer, etc. Welcome to Hongxing machine choose mining machine. Querns and mortars are types of these crushing devices.Crusher solution also named stone crushing solution or Rock crusher solution is used widely in stone processing industry or mining industry. According to HX crushing equipments applications, we can divide crusher solution into metal ore crusher solution and non-metallic ore processing solution.

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