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You may have recently noticed a new initiative taking place in society, to explore and increase your brain power. Just recently President Barrack Obama introduced an initiative to explore what he calls “a bold new research effort to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind.” There are now commercials on television promoting Luminosity, a website dedicated to training your brain. Just last week a new show was introduced on the National Geographic Channel called Brain Games.

It seems the brain is the new space exploration. But why now? William Newsome said it best in his interview with We”re at a unique point in history where technology and neuroscience have developed enough to really explore the brains effects on overall human health.

All health; mental, emotional and physical, but primarily it”s about personal development. The more we understand about how the brain works, how we think, the better we live and perform. We become humankind 2.0 if you will.

Your brain is one of the largest muscles in your body, and just like any muscle that isn”t exercised, “If you don”t use it, you lose it.” The real question as business owners, is how can we optimize it? After all, increasing your thinking power will logically result in better ideas, decisions, actions, and motivation for the business. In turn we expect to see larger profits, ease of work, and more time off. So we invite you to explore the latest trend in human development – brain optimization!

So how do you increase your thinking power?

It turns out it”s not as strange as you might think. The brain develops ruts for tasks we do often. Even if these ruts are healthy habits, that doesn”t necessarily mean they are the best for increasing your thinking power. Just like a body builder has to constantly push himself, we must do this too with our brain. Reaching to a level just outside your comfort zone actually makes new areas of the brain go to work and increases neuron activity throughout.

We”ve discovered some fun and easy brain games to increase your thinking power that you can do yourself.

1) Listening to music – Learning all of the new lyrics to a new song (even if it is a nursery rhyme) is one way to increase the acetylcholine, the chemical that helps “build your brain,” not to mention, improves your memory skills.

2) Try the opposite hand – Use your non-dominant hand to do simple tasks for a couple of days. Try eating, brushing your teeth, or buttoning a shirt. This builds new associations between the connections in your brain. Maybe you”ll finally come up with a solution to a nagging problem!

3) Spatial location – Walk into a room – or look around while you”re waiting outside – and pick five objects and their locations. When you leave that spot, try to remember all the items and where they were. When you focus on your surroundings like this, you build memory function and a habit of awareness.

Even if you don”t always remember to take your vitamins, or weeks pass by when you can”t get to the gym for one reason or another, these are little tasks that will still exercise your brain!

If you need to increase your brain power, try making some small lifestyle changes first, like getting naps on the weekend, eating super food smoothies in the morning, or simply driving a new way to work for a week. Take note of any new and different ideas you have after trying these things. I”m pretty sure you will find that it does your brain good! Article Source: Olsztyn Hestia

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