Ball conveyor is important to China ecomony

Mining machinery plays a very important role in economic construction, advance of science and technology, and social development. The development of mining machinery is closely related with the technological advance of human, the modern science and technology, and the whole industry level, especially with the development of mechanical engineering and mining engineering. The mining machinery manufacturing industry, especially impact crusher, is not only the foundation for the state to establish an independent industrial system, but also an important mark to measure the industrial strength of a country, which belongs to the pillar industry of national economy.

When flotation machine works, slurry is inhaled from the bottom of the trough to the space between impellers. Currently the most widely used is the foam flotation. Flotation process includes operations of grinding, grading, mixing and roughing flotation, selection, scavenging and so on. There is a floating mill process: grinding – grinding float process; concentrate re-election process. Output of crude ore flotation operations, said roughing; crude ore re-election operation, said selection; Tailings operations said as sweep election. Recycling a variety of useful minerals in the ore, the mineral has a different process called choose flotation; after surfacing all useful minerals and then separating other materials process, said the mix-flotation separation. We must to choose different flotation process for the nature of the ore and the requirements of the product in industrial production.

And also Chinese stock markets ended with losses Friday after the release of weak July macrodata again sparked worries about the faltering domestic economy. In recent years, according to structure adjustment of the national mining machinery and the upgrade requirements of the transformation, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Ltd. identifies new development strategy, adhere to the independent innovation, upgrade, deep conversion, circulation development, deepen reform, promote technology innovation, technology upgrading, upgrade the optimization and upgrading of products, enterprise development and upgrade cluster of upgrades, to make the first brand mining machinery in China and even the world.

Mining Machinery is for the energy, transportation and raw material-based services industry, the main task is for the deep processing of coal, steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, building materials departments of mining and processing of raw materials, as well as railways, highways, utilities and other large projects construction to provide advanced, efficient technology and equipment. Accordance with national priorities to support energy, transportation and raw materials and other basic industrial development, industrial policy, mining machinery such basic industries as the backbone of the country should get priority for key support, should be further developed and improved for the coal, metal and nonmetal mines development provide more advanced international standards of quality, efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving equipment to meet the economic development needs for energy and raw materials. ore beneficiation:

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