The Wide Use and Use Prospect of Spring Cone Crusher

The spring cone crusher is suitable for

medium and fine crushing. The difference of the medium and fine crushing spring

cone crusher lies in that the difference of the shape and size of the crushing

chamber, and other structural principle is the same. The spring cone crusher

produced by Hongxing Machinery can be divided into standard type, medium type

and short-headed type according to the shape of the crushing chamber.

Since the spring cone crusher has

high rotary speed and long stroke, the materials inside the crushing chamber

are in a state of sliding along the surface of the cone more than 95% of the

time, that is to say, at any instant, only 5% of the materials are crushed.

Since the materials are sliding almost all the time, the go-through ability of

the crushing chamber is high, and the crushing capacity of the spring cone

crusher is high. In addition, on the part surface of the crushing chamber, high

pressure on the unit surface of the materials will be produced so that this

machine is ideal for crushing hard rocks.

Spring cone crusher is widely used in

metallurgical industry, construction industry , road building industry, chemical

industry and phosphate industry, applicable in the crushing of hard and medium

hard ore and rock , such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite,

basalt, diabase. The type of crushing chamber from ore uses: The standard is

applicable in the broken, the medium applicable to small and fragmented , short

head type is applicable to traitement de sable. Spring cone crusher work,

through the motor hydraulic coupling, a small bevel gear drives the eccentric

sleeve at the bottom of the large conical gear, so that the eccentric rotation

of the sleeve, resulting in cone crusher for rotary swing.

How is the use prospect of the hydraulic

cone crusher? Almost all the experts say that the market of the hydraulic

crushing machines is very bright. Why do they say so? That is because with the

successful independent research of first class hydraulic system of our country,

it represents that the hydraulic system level in our country has been

significantly improved, which is a great help to the application of hydraulic

system in the mining machinery. Hongxing Machinery believes that with

the maturity of all the technology, the hydraulic crushing equipment will be a

new favorite.

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