Dryer Fires can Help Maintain the Machine

Clean and maintain clothes dryers to help prevent fires and keep the machine working for longer.
State Fire Marshal William Barnard offers the following tips, according to a news release:
•Clean lint filter before or after each use, allowing air to flow
•Never operate the dryer without the lint filter in place
•Remove any obstructions from the vent hosing
•Buy special brushes that reach into the area beneath the lint screen and the vent pipe
•Have a qualified professional service the dryer at least once a year
•Keep the area around the dryer clean and free of combustible items
•The dryer should be plugged into an outlet that’s designed for your appliance
•Replace plastic and thin-foil, accordion-type vent ducting, with rigid or semi- rigid metal duct instead, because plastic and thin foil ducting traps lint more easily, and reduces airflow
•If you leave your home, do not allow the dryer to continue operating
•Don’t overload it. Overloading stresses the machine and won’t dry as well
•Read the owner’s manual for safety tips
•"If you are drying items that were previously contaminated with volatile chemicals such as gasoline, motor oil, cooking oils or other types of combustible liquids, please ensure you remove the items soon after the drying cycle ends. Avoid stacking them together until the items have cooled to room temperature. If chemicals still remain in the items, they could self-ignite if not allowed to cool properly," the release states

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