How to Make Money With Facebook for Your Home Business

Now that you have a small home business, you need to get customers. One way to do that is to tap into the power of the internet. Knowing how to make money with Facebook for free can help. People love to shop and the latest trend is shopping online. Most people are computer savvy enough to be able to shop online for the items they wish to purchase. They realize that online shopping is quicker and often cheaper in the long run. With that being said, you can easily advertise and sell your products online for your small home business by using your social networking contacts.

Facebook Posts and Pages

Start by posting an enticing comment on Facebook and attach a link to your product. For example I have a friend who was taking 30+ medications for a progressive debilitating disease. After eleven years of fighting this disease, the doctor finally told her to use a wheelchair. Instead of getting into the wheelchair, she started taking some natural health and wellness products and improved very quickly. With her powerful story and absolute belief in these products, she can learn how to make money with Facebook. She could post a picture of her medications on Facebook and say “I No Longer Need These! Ask Me How!” She can attach a widget of her natural products and curious people will click on it to see what they are. She could also attach a link to a newly created Facebook page so that friends can read her personal story and she can tell them how the products helped her reverse her disease. On her Facebook page she can attach a link to her shopping website so people can purchase those products online. If she does this right she could end up with hundreds of customers! Facebook pages also end up on giant search engines if the right keywords are attached. There are some great You Tube videos on how to create a Facebook page for business purposes.

Attach a Blog to Your Facebook Page

Another way to gain customers for your small home business is to write a blog and establish yourself as an expert. If you let people know some things about yourself, they may start to follow you and even respond to your blog. You, in turn, can make informed comments on their blogs and share information with them. Eventually you will be able to share with them about your own small home business. You can post links on your blog to your products and business website. Hopefully they will follow the links so they can order your products and learn more about your company. Some may even be interested in joining your business. Attaching your blog to your Facebook page in order to increase your popularity is another example of how to make money with Facebook for free. You can find instructional information on how to write a good blog on the internet. It”s a great way to make new friends, gain potential customers and find new business partners.

Check Company Policies

Many businesses have a marketing department that will teach you how to use some internet marketing skills in order to sell their product but they usually have restrictions on what you can do as well. Make sure you are in compliance with their policies before you begin.

Growing your small home business can be challenging at first but very rewarding in the end. There are many different ways to use the internet to find customers depending on what appeals to you the most. There are several commercial ways to market your business or products on the internet but they cost money. Learning how to make money with Facebook for free gives you a personal connection to your customers that you cannot get with paid advertising. Establishing trust and respect by using Facebook pages and blogs can be a very satisfying way to market your products and business. Good luck and have fun making new friends and learning how to grow your home business online!

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