The Dominant Position of Crusher Industry in China

During the ‘Twelfth five-year ‘, China will further promote the mine construction, the structure of the mining machinery manufacturing industry in China will also further adjust. As the labor-intensive industry, the stone crusher manufacturing will still occupy dominant position in China’s export products. But China’s mining machinery technology still exists obvious insufficient in the general trend of low-carbon economy. There are still a lot of space for enhancement in energy saving and environment protection.

With the rapid economic development in recent years, China’s demand for iron ore has increased significantly. In recent years, due to the country gains its effort to develop a low-carbon economy and puts the resource-saving and environment-friendly society on a prominent position of the development strategy of industrialization and modernization, large steel companies have reduced their outputs, which makes the iron ore market short supply.

From the domestic market, a stable investment is an important measure to expand domestic demand and keep steady growth, 60 projects approved by the state including railways, highways, urban rail transit, as well as infrastructure construction projects with a total investment of over one trillion Yuan; these rail base building cannot be separated from the steel, especially construction steel rebar and wire rod, they are in great demand, it undoubtedly injects a shot in the arm for continued downturn steel market. On the other hand, the re-use of gravel raw material crushing and screening waste and other scrap metal are inseparable from the help of scrap crusher equipment, and that is, the transformation of the steel market is more conducive to the crusher industry future development.

The prosperity of the steel market pushes the strong demand for the iron ore that served as the raw materials, which is bound to promote the development of mining crusher industry.

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