The Major Features and Process of Sand Maker

Now, we have produced the HXVSI series of sand maker, which is the third generation new sand maker. Its hammerhead, rotor, impact plate, wear-resist materials, etc have been improved, which improved the working efficiency and output. Besides, the finished gravels are all higher quality and perfect particle shape, which is the preferred choice of domestic and foreign customers.

Generally speaking, the sand production line developed by Hongxing Mining Machinery mainly features big crushing ratio, high degree of automation, high productive efficiency, large processing capacity, convenient maintenance, high compressive strength and so on. What’s more, our quick-wear parts adopt the high-strength wear-resistant materials, which are characterized with low wear rate and long service life.

Along with the rapid development of domestic mining machinery and equipment industry, in order to keep up with the pace of the trend of the system sand machine times, each big system sand vendors constantly generated new technology based on the introduction of sand processing equipment. The sand processing technology is more advanced, and a new type sand machine or equipment with high efficiency and energy saving sets gravel and plastic for an organic whole, and is commonly used in artificial sand aggregate producing and this sand process equipment promoted the sand technology and infrastructure development.

The application of Hongxing sand makers is particular wide among various processing equipment. Hongxing is large-scale sand making manufacturer that specializes in the research and producing of the crushing and sand making equipment. Since its establishment, Hongxing has been committed to the research in the sand making technology and the improvement in the sand making equipment.

In recent years, with the rapid development and accelerated process of the economy and urbanization, the infrastructure construction in China has been made great breakthrough. Expressway, railway, water conservancy, affordable housing and other construction projects are in full swing, which promotes the further development of China’s economy and directly results in the shortage of the natural sand aggregate at the same time. In this situation, the mechanism sand industry appears and develops extremely strong, which provides huge development space for the raw mechanism sand material, crushers, sand making equipment, etc. This equipment is welcomed by customers on a wide range after its introducing into the market, so the new sand machine equipment is very popular in sand production field.

The artificial sand production line includes simple screening process, gradation process flow, and sand fineness modulus adjustment process, etc. Consequently, we are able to provide various specifications of sand production line according to customers’ specific requirements on the construction sand.

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