2010 Oscar Winners and Nominees Popularity 10 DVDs For Sale List

The top 10 DVDs for sale available today are filled with the 2011 Oscar winners Prison Break Season 4 DVD. Television that win Academy awards and even the big nominees that don’t win always end up being extremely popular films to take home and purchase for yourself. This year is certainly the same, and there are some great best selling DVDs from this group of winners and selected films.

The big winner from the 2010 Academy awards was The Hurt Locker. It had been on the list of the most popular DVDs before but The Hills Seasons 1-6 Complete Series had fallen off over the weeks and months. However, as the huge winning movie from the Academy awards it has now skyrocketed back to the top heap.

The show ended up winning Best Picture and finest Director amongst other awards. The Best Director award represented the first time that a female took home the honors, which is extreme fun as well Firefly Season 1 Complete Series. It’s a great thrill ride of a movie with some intense drama, and a unique perspective on war and the solders who live it out.

Sandra Bullock won Best Actress and now the Blind Side is one of the top DVDs for sale as well. For Bullock, it was a perfect performance and the movie is a great, true story. Follow the rise of a young man from the lowest of amounts, no place to live, up to the top world and great success. A well earned award for Bullock to be sure, which is one of the most popular DVDs that everybody can enjoy watching.

Up in the Air had been selected for all of the big awards but didn’t end up taking them home! It should be a big disappointment for Henry Clooney and company, but even though it didn’t win at the 2010 Academy awards still it was a great, fun movie that’s both smart and funny. It’s been scheduled for release and immediately jumped into the pile of the top best selling DVDs. Inglourious Basterds didn’t win much either, however the Best Supporting Actor or actress award did go to Captain christopher Walk, and this has been on the best selling DVDs list for months at a time, and of course continues to be there now.

Finally, don’t forget about Precious, which is an amazing and touching story. All of the stars and actors were exceptional, whether they made you hate them or love them. Mo’Nique took home Best Supporting Actress, and with its pending release it will certainly been one of the top DVDs for sale for quite some time into the future. It immediately jumped to one of the top spots in the top DVDs for sale list.

Here’s the entire top DVDs for sale list as of right now:

1. Evening New Moon2. The Blind Side3. Law Abiding Citizen4. The Hurt Locker5. In the Air6. Precious7. Princess and the Frog8. Inglourious Basterds9. The Hangover10. 2012

Don’t worry that the 2010 Academy awards are over, because all of the winners and nominees are now available and prominent one of the most popular DVDs for sale. Take a look at the current top DVDs list now to take home these great movies and more, all of the big Oscar wining movies and the big-name nominees made a splash with their debut.

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