How To Prolong The Service Life of The Dust Catcher

At present, the dust collector is widely used for the coal mill , dry grinding, and cement grinding mill system in the new type dry Cement production line . Hongxing experts can design and produce different dust collector s based on the different demands for the material fineness of customers. Generally, the common dust collector includes the cyclone dust collector, three-separation dust collector, centrifugal dust collector, coal mill dedicated dust collector, calcium powder dedicated dust collector, and so on. And now, on the basis of original dust collector, Hongxing experts has designed and developed a lot of high efficiency dust collectors, such as the efficient three-separation dust collector. It improves the new generation of output dust collector.
The following are four measures to prolong the service life of the dust catcher of the dryers:
1. The material of the dust removal equipment should choose the alloy whose aluminum content is not less than 95%, which can greatly reduce corrosion.
2. The heat insulation of the dust removal system should be guaranteed. The entry of the cold air blast is one of the important reasons that cause the corrosion of dust removal equipment. As long as the heat insulation work is carried out well, the corrosion would be greatly reduced.
3. It can adopt the secondary dust removal program. The so-called secondary dust removal is to use the cyclone dust catcher with high wear resistance for primary dust removing and then to use the second dust remover for the final dust removing.
4. The operation of the drying equipment and dust collector should be standardized. The standardized operating procedure of the machinery is the necessary step, which can minimize corrosion.

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