on the characteristics of the artificial grass to natural turf sports advantage

on the characteristics of the artificial grass to natural turf sports advantage:

Excellent venue uniformity TurfSoccer synthetic turf should be much better flatness can fully avoid the poor condition of the venue due to factors such as climate, conservation, thus affecting the game.

TurfSoccer synthetic turf impact on the environment air condition natural lawn composed of green plants can absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, physiological and metabolic processes, and release oxygen, and can absorb sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, ammonia, chlorine and other toxic gases, from the to purify the air. Natural grass retardation effect of the dust, the measurement data indicate that, in the scraping thirty-four wind, the dust concentration of the bare ground air lawn over 13 times. The study showed that the 25-square-meter lawn can absorb all the carbon dioxide exhaled by a person is converted into oxygen to meet the oxygen required in the human respiratory process.

TurfSoccer synthetic turf is formed by a polymer such as polyethylene, polypropylene, a non-living material, can not be the metabolic activity of the greenery, and not having a balanced role in regulating atmospheric oxygen. Although the artificial lawn can block dust, to a certain extent, but does not have the function of absorbing toxic gases to purify the atmosphere. Further, often contains chlorine element impurities in the the artificial lawn fiber of the low level of technology in the high temperature, strong sunlight conditions will decompose and release chlorine, damage to air quality.

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