our artificial lawn is the best playground laying material

Playground surfaces fake grass?

Yes, our artificial lawn is the best playground laying material. Our artificial turf meets the the SGS environmental standards, in order to prevent serious injury. The artificial turf surface is soft, soft, but an artificial turf playground is a heavy-duty stand up to wear and tear. Why choose our playground grass playground safety? The argument was simple artificial lawn surface. Our artificial turf playground:

Our synthetic turf playground surface has a buffer to prevent the possibility of serious falls. In addition, our playground turf drying after rainfall rapid drainage to prevent slipping.

the artificial lawn playground than other safe surface, such as sand, gravel coverage and shredded tires may contain a small amount of bacteria.

Our artificial sports turf venues do not cause allergies.

synthetic turf surface can withstand the test of many years.

Low maintenance costs
You do not worry about mowing and trimming and maintenance of children’s play facilities around the grass, sports turf venue always looks fresh.

If you are looking for a playground solutions, artificial playground turf can consider our safety and health. In addition, our soccer turf playground can be customized to suit your play area. For more information, please contact us.

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