What Determines Mine Production Capacity?

What is the mine production capacity? Production capacity (also known as the production scale) of mining enterprises refers to the amount of ores can be produced per unit time by mining enterprise in normal production period. It is also commonly called the annual output of mining enterprises.
High-speed railway, highway, water conservancy and residential construction have a lot of building stones, Rock crushing plant is the most ideal way to invest in the last two years. However, it happeds such a situation in the era of overheated investment, many rock crushing plant manufacturers cannot get the permit issued by environmental protection department after completion of construction sand factory; it causes the investor to make repeated technical transformation, wasting a great deal of manpower and material resources; combining with the chaos on sand and gravel production line market, Hongxing mining machine gives you some investment advice.
The principle that determines mine production capacity
(1) matching principle: mine production capacity, service life and reserves scale must be matched with each other.
(2) policy principles: it must conform to the state’s policies, comply with the national and regional overall development plannings, conform to the social and economic sustainable development and ecological environment protection requirements.
(3) market principles: it must conform to the national economic and social needs, and the products have reliable market.
(4) technology principles: production capacity must be combined with the existing technology; it must be able to achieve and embody the advanced nature of technology under the condition of existing technology.
(5) economic principles: economic and reasonable, can obtain good economic benefit and social benefit.

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