Features And Working Principle of Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating screen , also called round vibrating screen, is a kind of multilayer high-efficiency vibrating screen machine with circular vibration; it is widely used for classifying products in mining, building materials, traffic, energy, chemical and other industries.
Circular vibrating screen consists of the screen box, screen, vibrators and vibration reduction spring etc..Vibrator is installed in screen box lateral plate and spined by motor through the triangle belt. When it produces the centrifugal force, it will force screen box to vibrate. If there is no special requirement, YA and 2YA are collocated with textile sieving, BecYAH type with punching sieving, all kinds of screen surfaces are available.
Working principle:The circular vibrating screen moves on a circular motion. It is a multi-layer and high efficiency vibrating screen. Advantages are: stable structure, strong exciting force, high efficiency, little noise pollution, handy maintenance and safety; circular vibrating screen has been widely used in mine, construction, transportation, energy and chemical industries.
The features of vibrating screen:
1.It uses eccentric block to produce strong exciting force.
2.It adopts the structure of small amplitude, high frequency, large obliquity to make the screen hold the capability of high efficiency, large handling capacity, long life span, low consumption, little noise.
3.Electricity power consumption is less.
4.Simple structure and easy to disassemble and replace;
Crossbeam and the main body of the screen are connected with high strength screw bolts. So they have the features of simple structure and easy maintenance.
5.It adopts tire coupling with capability of flexible connection and stable operation.

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