An Important Part of the Rotating Drying Kiln

The Rotary kiln , known as rotary calciner kiln , belongs to construction equipment. According to different materials, rotary kiln can be divided into cement kiln , metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln . In accordance with the appearance, it can be divided into adjustable rotary kiln and diameter rotary kiln; it also can be divided into Cement rotary kiln , ceramic sand rotary kiln, kaolin rotary kiln, lime kiln in accordance with application;based on the effect of energy supply, it is divided into gas-fired rotary kiln, coal-fired rotary kiln, and the mixed fuel rotary kiln.
In the production of cement with the rotating kiln , dust extraction is an indispensable part, which has importance both for the environment or for the physical and mental health of workers. The dust extraction is the necessary device. The fundamental purpose of the dust extraction: dust control system meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of the low level of particulate matter emissions and minimize local dust emissions. The dust in any cement plants belong to the industrial dust and the dedusting system of the rotating drying kiln is a key component in the production. The dust collecting is an effective means for industrial pollution. The dust catcher must be an important element in cement production process due to the nature of the production process.
The dust (particulate matter) in the cement production usually have three kinds of characteristics:1, the floating objects of the wear particles; 2, the physical wear, the particle size is less than the range of 10 microns to 1000 microns. The combustion residue of the particles in high-temperature process. Typically, these particles are one to one hundred micrometers. When material condenses in vapor form, it will promote the generation of the fine core particles, whose typically size range is from 0.1-1.0 micrometers. 3, the operating system of the revolving kiln allows faster and better control of the production of cement. According to the features of the dust, taking corresponding measures to settle it will be conducive to make better effect of the dust extraction.

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