Give you a good sports grass tennis courts provide a long-term movement fun

Give you a good sports grass tennis courts provide a long-term movement fun, but the prerequisite for the rational design, in line with the actual situation, material and construction quality assurance.

Provisions in the the the tennis competition rules promulgated by the International Tennis Federation and the National Sports Commission, a the standard synthetic turf tennis courts covers an area of ​​not less than 36.58 meters (length) × 18.29 m (W), this size is also a standard tennis court surrounded Weidang net ground nets or indoor architectural interior dimensions. The standard in this area, effectively doubles venue size: 23.774 m (length) × 10.973 m (W), should remain free room for each end of the line after not less than 6.40 meters, each edge should stay free room for not less than 3.66 meters. Install the net post in the center of the pitch, measured at the center of the two columns, column spacing is 12.80 meters, the top of the net post from the ground plane is 1.07 meters, along the center of the net from the ground plane is 0.914 m.

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If it is connected to two or more than two tennis courts built parallel. The adjacent site distance between the edges is not less than 4.0 m. If indoor network end of the line outside over 6.40 m clear height of not less than 6.40 meters, indoor rooftop in the ball online empty the clear height of not less than 11.50 meters. Outdoor tennis courts the four weeks Weidang height is generally between 4 to 6 meters, depending on the stadium surroundings with the building height, may be appropriate to increase or decrease. Need to install lighting lighting tennis court, indoor roof lamps distribution over the outdoor tennis court and the end of the line on both sides should be social lamps. Outdoor stadium lights lamps should be set at more than 7.0 meters from the ground on both sides of the fence. Light towards the ground from the field on both sides of uniform irradiation. Lights and the stadium used for different purposes, electric light technicians specialized design. Experience tells us that the average illumination of every piece of sports turf tennis court lighting should be between 280lux ~ 1200lux.

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