Hongxing Cement Rotary Kiln Seizes Opportunities

Cement Rotary kiln is main equipment in Cement production line , and the technology is mature, also, it is featured by stable operation, high yield, the Cement rotary kiln produced by Hongxing has developed through technological innovation in drive, calcinations, sealed device, making the device more efficient, and the operating efficiency increases 11%, and reducing energy consumption by 16%, 8% increase in production.
The cement rotary kiln has the features of sturdy structure, smooth operation, and high quality product and so on. The cement rotary kiln has a wide range of application. Apart from the calcination of cement clinker, the cement rotary kiln also can be used to calcine the clay, limestone and dry the slag. In the production of refractory material, the cement rotary kiln is used to calcine the raw material, which can make the products stable in dimensional, increasing in strength, and so on. In the aspect of environmental protection, using the cement rotary kiln to burn the hazardous waste and garbage not only can make the waste minimization harmless, but also can use the waste as the fuel, to save pulverized coal and realize the waste recycling.
In this historic period of change, for each cement workers and each cement companies , this is both an opportunity and a challenge, only seize opportunities, meet challenges, and have no choice, or they will be eliminated. The implementation of the national industrial policy of the shaft kiln cement companies are now facing three ways: First, be eliminated, converting into a station of bulk cement, grinding station, cement products plant; inject new technology, adhere to technical progress, and to co-exist with the new dry water depending; Third, replace with new dry kiln shaft kiln and be more fully aligned with the new dry.

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