TurfSoccer artificial lawn fiber tensile strength as high as possible?

TurfSoccer artificial lawn fiber tensile strength as high as possible?

Friends do not know much about a lot of artificial lawn, tensile strength, the stronger the better, procurement grass fiber has become important to determine the basis, in fact, there is there is a lot of misunderstanding.

This common but less accurate idea of ​​misinterpretation of tensile strength detection, detection of artificial lawn tensile strength in the international standard on an artificial lawn products through analog movement cycle, the tensile strength of the product is reduced percentage. Lower basis of the standard values ​​of tensile strength, tensile strength decreased amplitude test on behalf of the grass fibers the better the quality, rather than the higher the quality the better is often said that some products tensile strength. Common sense, high tensile strength of the wire, and is not suitable for the sport. Therefore, the blind pursuit of high tensile strength and ignore to bring users the comfort and safety performance is the practice of putting the cart before the horse.

Venue on the artificial soccer grass fiber abrasion resistance (durability) depends on many parameters, and not rely solely on the tensile strength to decide.

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