The factors affect the wear of the key parts

The factors that affect the wear of the key parts include load, air velocity, dust particles. In addition, that the worn parts have housing body, cone and dust discharge mouth is also the reason. Technical measures to prevent wear are as follows:
1) Prevent the blockage of dust discharging mouth. The main method is to choose high quality cinder valve and strengthen the adjustment and maintenance of the cinder valve.
2) Prevent excessive gas from flowing back into the dust discharge mouth. The cinder valve in usage should be accurate with proper counter weight.
3) Check the machine frequently to make sure that there is no wear or air leakage to make it convenient to take timely measures to eliminate failure.
4) Use the removable wear-resistance plate or increase the wear-resistance layers at the parts that bear the impact of the dust particles.
5) Minimize the weld and joints, the necessary welds should be polished and the flange spigot and gasket diameter should be same and maintain good neutral.
6) The tangential velocity at at the wall of the dust collector and the inlet velocity should be kept in the critical range.
The blockage of intake port and exhaust port and preventive measures. The blockage of the intake and exhaust ports are mostly caused by improper design – slightly rough right angle or bevel in the intake and exhaust ports will result in the adhesion and stratification of dust until they are blocked.

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