Characteristics of electromagnetic vibrating feeder


1. Purposes of Vibrating feeder
Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively new type feeding equipment able to adapt the requirement of continuous production, so it’s widely used in various production processes in metallurgy, chemical, coal, electricity, machinery, building materials, as well as light industry, food, medicine and other industrial and mining industries.
Electromagnetic vibrating feeder can be used as Cement mill , Belt conveyor , bucket elevator , crushing machine , grinder mill , and the feeding device of granular or powdery material with viscosity in many industrial sectors.
In the industrial and mining production process, electromagnetic vibrating feeder can feed materials from storage silo or funnel to the receiving device quantitatively, continuously and uniformly.
2. Characteristics of electromagnetic vibrating feeder
(1) Uniform feeding, easy to adjust yield, easy to implement automatic control.
(2) Having no rotary parts, easy to maintain, needn’t lubrication, the material in the parabolic trough jumps forward in type of parabola, almost without sliding on the trough surface, so the trough has minimal wear and tear, and the electric motor and speed reducer is not required when using it. For these reasons, the machine is fuel-saving and power-saving, with low running and maintenance cost.
(3) Able to transport hot materials less than 300 ° C.
(4) Solid structure, small size, light weight, easy installation.

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