The Correct Operation of vibrating feeder

Hongxing wet magnetic separator is suitable for wet sorting of fine particles of strongly magnetic material in weak magnetic fields, or removing the non-magnetic minerals in the strong magnetic minerals. When the slurry is injected into the magnetic field, the strong magnetic mineral is adsorbed on the cylinder surface, the weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals are successively excluded, the strong magnetic minerals adsorbed on the cylinder was taken out of the magnetic field with the rotation of the cylinder. The rotating one is suitable for dry sorting of fine strong magnetic minerals, for the role of high-speed rotation, the amount of rolling of the magnetic particles in Wet magnetic separator is much larger than the ordinary magnetic separator. It has a significant the effect for the destruction of magnetic agglomeration and improves the high-grade ore. There are two kinds of sorted materials: magnetic material and non-magnetic material, the machine is suitable for roughing and selecting materials whose sizes are 6-0mm.

The wet magnetic separator and other mineral processing equipment can form the ore beneficiation process. The product quality and the level of accuracy in the operation of the magnetic separator are the important indicators to measure the magnetic separation as well as an important production target to measure the whole beneficiation process. In order to improve the concentrates grade and reduce the loss of concentrates and lower the recovery rate of the tailings, the magnetic separator operator should always pay attention to the process adjustment of the device.In the production process of the magnetic separator, the operator should also pay attention to the material nature, pulp density, pulp color, product quality and flushing water pressure changes, if any of the conditions has changes, but the magnetic separator device is still in operation in accordance with the normal operation rate, it will have an impact on the normal job of magnetic separation.

With the development of economic construction and the constant improvement of the infrastructure, the crusher machine industry, as an important pillar industry of the national economy, has also made new development. However, in the mining machinery industry, the problems are still obvious such as the relatively small economic size, the weak concentration degree and the market competition and the lack of innovative capacity, which makes it urgent to conduct the technological innovation to realize the healthy development of the crusher industry, adapting to market trends.

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